Firstly, you have to think of it from Jadesprite’s perspective. The last thing you remember was dying and sacrificing yourself to save your friend whom you’ve never even seen awake. Then suddenly you’re resurrected and put into a position where you have all the knowledge of the universe pouring into your brain uncontrollably (Bec’s borderline omniscient, remember) and the BLINDING LIGHT of The Green Motherfucking Sun constantly blazing behind your eyeballs. Now a duplicate of you, who has been living your life for you starts yelling at you to do something. You try to explain that you can’t and you need a moment to figure shit out, and she starts yelling at you and calling you names. She tells you that you are weak, cowardly, and selfish before finally just literally beating the shit out of you. How absurdly sad is that?

And the thing is that it’s equally sad from Jade’s perspective because she has been working so hard and knows what needs to be done but now this dream-self bitch just won’t cooperate because WAH WAH I WAS DEAD. It’s hard being dead. It’s hard and nobody understands. Especially considering how cheerful Jade normally is, you have to consider that she is having a mental breakdown.

On top of all of that, there’s the fact that she is basically giving a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown to herself and everything that implies about her self-esteem. She also calls herself weak, cowardly, and selfish as she does it, implying that she holds herself to the same standards and that this is what is going on in her head all the time.

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